Tesla Model X Owner Effortlessly Tows Away Silverado from Supercharger Station

Tesla Tows Away Silverado from Charger
ICEing Photo Posted by Reddit u/Leicina

What is happening right now? Tesla Tows Away a Silverado?

If you are unfamiliar, there have been many posts going around of pickup trucks parking in front of Supercharger Stations. What started as one or two for a joke has turned into what some report as “lines of large diesel pickup trucks” blocking Tesla owners from charging. “ICEing”, coined by the Tesla and EV community, refers to (internal combustion engine) or non electric vehicles blocking access to the EV Chargers. This obviously can lead to Tesla owners being stranded without being able to charge their car. As you can imagine, these truck owners have been getting a real kick out of this.

Tesla Model X Owner Drags Silverado
Posted by u/BarcodeOfficial on Reddit

Patrick (aka “Pox”), unlike our other youtube vlogger who watched his jeep burn to the ground, is an electric vehicle youtuber and Tesla owner. Frustrated with the trend he started thinking, “I am pretty sure my Model X could tow one of those pickup trucks”. Patrick decided to use his Model X to see if it could pull away his sister’s Chevrolet Silverado 1500 from a Supercharger… and it did… effortlessly.

Isn’t this just all a laughing matter?

To some, of course… but a few truck owners are taking it too far. Leading Tesla and others EV related companies to think differently. Cases were reported at Tesla’s Hickory Supercharger Station in North Carolina where three pickup trucks blocked off the charging station. It was said that the truck drivers chanted at Tesla owners:

“F**k Tesla” – Some guys in large pickup trucks.

Is this becoming a major problem? Well, ICEing is not something that is new by any means, and is normally something that’s not done on purpose. In most cases, drivers are unaware they are blocking a charging station. Although, ICEing has been getting more attention recently since it seems some truck owners have begun to “target” Tesla owners. When you think about it, it’s like when a gas car takes up the only diesel pump, but on purpose.

Partick or Pox Tesla Drags Silverado Away from Charger



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