2019 Chevrolet 4500HD Price Starts At $48,465 (Now Available)

4500HD Price

Since the 1990s, the General Motors Company frequently determined the Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD price with a similar method. GM looks heavy into the market and every detail of the truck including the 6.6L Duramax motor when pricing. Recently, the automaker unveiled a new version of the iconic truck that features an engine with a displacement of 6.6 liters. Generally, the vehicle’s motor can produce 350 horsepower. The motor is also connected to an advanced turbocharger, and the automaker indicated that the truck’s transmission has an extra feature that can tremendously improve acceleration. Customers may select models that contain two fuel tanks, which can hold at least 65 gallons of gasoline. Moreover, the automaker created a frame that does not have rivets, and consequently, a buyer can easily customize the vehicle and add components that increase the truck’s ground clearance.

Examining the Initial 4500HD Prices of Some Models

When a buyer selects a model that features a regular cab and two-wheel drive, the vehicle will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $48,465. If a customer chooses a truck that has all-wheel drive, the vehicle’s initial cost may exceed $51,365, and after the buyer chooses extra features, the truck could have a price of more than $55,000.

4500HD Price

While the automaker designed a version of the vehicle that features a crew cab, the manufacturer extended the cab’s length by at least 65 inches, and the General Motors Company developed five types of custom cabs. If a driver buys a model that features two-wheel drive and a crew cab, the medium-duty price will reach $52,080. Furthermore, the automaker created a version of the truck that has all-wheel drive and a crew cab. This type of vehicle has an initial cost of $55,080.

Choosing Extra Features and Studying The Costs

Customers have many different feature options available for the 4500HD. Some of these include a custom exhaust system and upgraded Bose audio system. They can also select 19.5 inch custom wheels and a touch screen navigation system. Unlike the batteries of most trucks, the vehicle’s standard battery can generate 1,100 amperes. General Motors gives the customer the ability to choose models with batteries that are able to produce 1,300 amperes. Consequently, the battery can deliver sufficient electricity when an area has a temperature of minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit. If a customer selects various extra features, the medium-duty price may exceed $62,000. However, numerous experts have indicated that the Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD price will not reach $70,000. Even if the vehicle has many optional features.


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